Tips & Tricks

Some helpful advice on getting the most out of your cookie cutters

Rolling, Cutting & Baking

Roll Evenly - Keeping your dough the same thickness throughout helps your cookies to bake evenly

Loosen Up - Dip your cookie cutter in flour (or vegetable oil) before each use, detailed cutters with thin parts can be very fiddly and a thin, blunt tool can be used to carefully push the dough through if it's stuck.

Chill Out - Chilled dough is much easier to work with, chill your dough (fridge for ~15 minutes depending on thickness) before you cut and you'll find it'll pop out the cutter no bother, chill again once they're on a baking sheet and this will help them keep their shape in the oven

Wait On - Once they're out the oven let them cool before touching them - tyring to move them while hot / warm can cause them to bend or break.


You'll want your cookies to hold their shape once they've baked. If you want to use your favorite cookie recipie but find they're spreading too much, try using less (or no) baking powder and chilling your dough once cut.

If you're looking for a simple sugar cookie recipie that holds it's shape and is ideal if you plan to ice / decorate your cookies, here's a fantastic one with accompanying video guide


Never place your 3D printed cutters in the Dishwasher (or the oven for that matter)

Clean using warm water and a toothbrush to reach those thin parts and leave to air dry


While the majority of people are looking to make cookies, these cutters have a load of uses!

The second most popular is for use with fondant / sugarcraft cake decorating & cupcake toppers.

If you need inspiration check out this Buzzfeed article with 47 different uses